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Our 2021-2022 Season: Mainstage

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The Revlon Girl

Written by Neil Anthony Docking

Set eight months following Aberfan Disaster of 1966 (in which 144 people were killed; 116 of them children)The Revlon Girl tells the real life story of a group of bereaved mothers who met every week above a local hotel to talk, cry and even laugh without feeling guilty. The play imagines one meeting at which they invite a Revlon representative to give a presentation about make-up. From that innocent premise,the play delves into the tragic situation with both deep emotion and humor.

Opening Night: Friday, September 24, 2021 - Closing Night: Sunday, October 10, 2021

All Tickets: $23

The show runs approximately 1:30 without an intermission.


SianAli Archetti
MarilynLeslie Darcy
JeanKathleen Mallon
RevlonMessalina Morley
Revlon (Understudy)Tiggy Morley
RonaRuth Morley

Production Staff

DirectorBill Purdy
ProducerBridget Burke Weiss
Kathy Falcone-Bernstein
Stage ManagerCheryl Wilbur
Set DesignLawrence Gabriel
Set ConstructionLawrence Gabriel
Set Construction-CrewJon Bernstein
Larry D'Oench
Joe Guadara
Carla Kendall
Rich Maloy
Greg Moran
Bill Purdy
Tom Schopper
Micah Weiss
Larry Wilbur
Set DecorLawrence Gabriel
Painting CrewBridget Burke Weiss
Larry D'Oench
Carla Kendall
Kai Machuca
Rich Maloy
Kristin Petry
Bill Purdy
Alice Regan Moynahan
Stephen Samitt
Cheryl Wilbur
Lighting DesignTodd Mills
Lights / Sound OperationBrooke Brewster
Bridget Burke Weiss
Aaron Carr
Valerie Huidobro
Kai Machuca
Elizabeth Pietrucha
Sound DesignJeff Knapp
PropsAlli Hartley-Kong
Props-CrewGeraldine Baillod
Emily Darcy
CostumesJanice Schopper
Make-Up / HairAnnette Winter
Make-Up / Hair CrewBridget Burke Weiss
Special EffectsMicah Weiss
PhotographyJoe Gigli