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Our 1995-1996 Season: Mainstage

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Summer and Smoke

Written by Tennessee Williams

A play that is profoundly affecting, SUMMER AND SMOKE is a simple love story of a somewhat puritanical Southern girl and an unpuritanical young doctor. Each is basically attracted to the other but because of their divergent attitudes toward life, each over the course of years is driven away from the other. Not until the end does the doctor realize that the girl's high idealism is ultimately right, and while she is still in love with him, it turns out that neither time nor circumstances will allow the two to come together. Because of the explicit details provided by the author's production notes, the stage directions, and the diagram of the set design, nonprofessionals should have no difficulty in mounting the play effectively.


Archie KramerRaymond Bath
Mrs. WeinmillerJune Bennett
Mrs. BassettLinda Blaustein
Rosa GonzalezIris Cruz
Dr. John Buchanan, Sr.Wilbur "Bud" Downing
RosemaryDebbie Gantert
Alma WeinmillerJean-Marie Garver
Reverend WeinmillerHank Gundersen
John Buchanan, Jr.John Hammel
Mr. GonzalezJay Mills
Roger DoremusMichael Mooney
Nellie EwellLisa Silverman
Vernon/DustyLarry Wilbur

Production Staff

DirectorMary Ryzuk
ProducerDebbie Gantert
Stage ManagerLarry Wilbur
Set DesignKen Anspach
Set ConstructionDon Ryerson
Set Construction-CrewKen Anspach
BJ Brennan
Roger Clark
Kathrynne Forsbrey
Marty Kleindienst
Chick Lauria
Chris Lombardi
Ed Nicolazzo
Frank Rinaldi
Mary Ryzuk
George Walter
Steve Zevas
Stage CrewTaryn Blaustein
Charise Charangelo
Set DecorKathrynne Forsbrey
Set Decor-CrewArlene Anglemyer
Marge Gaffney
Debbie Gantert
Lillian Miller
Rose Mossucco
Lou Nowikas
Barbara Paparozzi
Bill Purdy
Alice Regan Moynahan
Sal Ruggiero
Robin Totillo
Larry Wilbur
Scenic ArtistEd Nicolazzo
Lighting DesignBill Massa
Lighting Board OperationKaren Bensinger
Lighting-CrewDave Brenaby
Roger Clark
Goran Pocina
Larry Wilbur
Sound DesignLarry Wilbur
Sound OperationDiane Esemplare
Mark Gajda
PropsRose Mossucco
Barbara Paparozzi
CostumesMarge Gaffney
Costumes-CrewMickey Cohen
Carol Jones
Joan Ludwig
Mary Ryzuk
Robin Totillo
Program CoverOny Ryzuk
PublicityBrian Marshall