Our 2018-2019 Season: Special Event

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Trial of Faith

Written by Mary Ryzuk

In this courtroom drama, a young couple in Oregon is on trial for first degree murder, As members of the Followers of Christ Church, they do not believe in doctors. When their child dies, the parents are accused of negligence in the child's death and brought to trial - the first time anyone has been tried for negligence in a faith-healing homicide.

Opening Night: Saturday, October 6, 2018 - Closing Night: Saturday, October 6, 2018

All tickets: $10


Jonathan GrantGeorge Adamo
NarratorClaudine Boucher
Judge HaverstonBridget Burke Weiss
Malcome MillerDave Conley
Arnold GrantMark Dacey
Wendy WilinskiJoanne Decarolis
Sarah AbingtonJodi Freeman Maloy
Bob BrandonVictor Gallo
Dr. John MagnumKeith Hoovler
Marjorie GrantLaura Kennedy
Hoirace WilfordsonRich Maloy
Dr John FergusonPatrick McAndrew
Melvin SchumacherGreg Moran
Emily HoldenAllison Ognibene
BaliffLawrence Sanders
Melanie GrantKristen Schiano
Elijah EberhardtDale Smith Gallo
Sht Philip SandersNino Spallacci
Naomi SunderlandLucy Tullo

Production Staff

DirectorAnnette Winter
Assistant DirectorClaudine Boucher
Lighting DesignTodd Mills