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Our 2017-2018 Season: Mainstage

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Brighton Beach Memoirs

Written by Neil Simon

Here is part one of Neil Simon's autobiographical trilogy: a portrait of the writer as a young teen in 1937 living with his family in a crowded, lower middle-class Brooklyn walk-up. Eugene Jerome, standing in for the author, is the narrator and central character. Dreaming of baseball and girls, Eugene must cope with the mundane existence of his family life in Brooklyn: formidable mother, overworked father, and his worldly older brother Stanley. Throw into the mix his widowed Aunt Blanche, her two young (but rapidly aging) daughters and Grandpa the Socialist and you have a recipe for hilarity, served up Simon-style. This bittersweet memoir evocatively captures the life of a struggling Jewish household where, as his father states "if you didn't have a problem, you wouldn't be living here."

Opening Night: Friday, January 12, 2018 - Closing Night: Saturday, February 3, 2018

All Tickets: $20


Eugene Morris JeromeRyan Fogler
Kate JeromeCheryl Marocco Bookstaver
Blanche MortonKristin-Leigh Nicholson
Nora MortonAlyssa O'Brien
Laurie MortonCaroline Ritacco
Stanley JeromeEric Roper
Jack JeromeJonathan Rudolph

Production Staff

DirectorScott Baird
ProducerCarla Kendall
Stage ManagerPamela Wilczynski
Set DesignGreg Moran
Set Construction-CrewArt Ackerman
Scott Baird
John Bookstaver
Dave Conley
Larry D'Oench
Teresa Donoghue
Steve Fowls
Bill Hopper
Judy Jordan
John Kendall
Jeff Knapp
John Koller
Michael Maglio
Rich Maloy
Dave McDonald
John Misiewicz
Michael Ritacco
Laurie Ritacco
Tom Schopper
Craig Stevens
Zachary Stevens
Michael Yoder
Craig Zimmermann
Set DecorAnette Angelini
Painting CrewGeraldine Baillod
Scott Baird
Susan Binder
Camille DiLorenzo
Clelia Hopper
Judy Jordan
Carla Kendall
Emily Knapp
Barbara Mills
Pam Misiewicz
Lighting DesignTodd Mills
Lights / Sound OperationJeremiah Doyle
Lighting-CrewJeremiah Doyle
Pete Kendall
Sound DesignJeff Knapp
PropsGeraldine Baillod
Danielle Forman
Linda Spirko
CostumesJeffrey Fiorello
Make-Up / HairAmy Calzone