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Our 2014-2015 Season: Mainstage

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Yankee Tavern

Written by Stephen Dietz

Grad student Adam has his hands full with his fiancee, his dead father's conspiracy-theory-obsessed best friend and a mysterious stranger who shows up one day at his bar, Yankee Tavern.  When a former professor asks him to come to Washington DC for meetings with some three letter agencies, he finds himself involved in something that he has a hard time believing -- and it might put him and everyone he loves in danger.

So when a stranger walks into a bar and orders two drinks, one for himself and one for an unseen friend, it seems like the set up to an old tired joke. But instead of a punchline, we're confronted with urban legends and conspiracy theories - the last great American Tall Tales. From the Apollo 11 "Moon Landing" to "all those hanging chads" to the fall of Building Seven on September 11, playwright Stephen Dietz weaves a story that is plausible enough to blur the lines between fact and fiction and foster much post-show discussion. Yankee Tavern is not a study of fact -- of what did or didn't happen -- it's about the agony of uncertainty.

To learn more about or purchase BRIDGE MUSIC, the music from our production, please visit www.JosephBertolozzi.com.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc

There is no scheduled performance on Friday, January 23, 2015.

Opening Night: Friday, January 16, 2015 - Closing Night: Saturday, February 7, 2015


JanetD'Angelique Dopson
RayTom Morrissey
PalmerAlan Van Antwerp
AdamNick Wolf

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Knapp
ProducerLauren M. Grof-Tisza
Stage ManagerLauri MacMillan
Set DesignJonathan Wentz
Set ConstructionJeff Knapp
Jonathan Wentz
Set Construction-CrewKevern Cameron
Larry D'Oench
Brandon Frumolt
Jeff Kinkead
Greg Marocco
Todd Mills
John Misiewicz
Stephen Samitt
Francis Tomitz
Stage CrewMolly Knapp
Set DecorJonathan Wentz
Set Decor-CrewBridget Burke Weiss
Carla Kendall
Mindy Knapp
Claudia Metz
Janine Wentz
Painting CrewSusan Binder
Lois Davis
Kathrynne Forsbrey
Cy Friedman
Lauren M. Grof-Tisza
Judy Jordan
Carla Kendall
Molly Knapp
Emily Knapp
Mindy Knapp
Robert Loucks
Nicholas Marmo
Pam Misiewicz
Lauren Pinto
Roseann Ruggiero
Lionel Ruland
Stephen Samitt
Hattie Sumrow
Janine Wentz
Lighting DesignLauren M. Grof-Tisza
Lights / Sound OperationTommy Pravata
Lighting-CrewHarsh Joshi
Nicholas Marmo
Sound DesignJeff Knapp
Original MusicJoseph Bertolozzi
PropsClaudine Boucher
CostumesMindy Knapp
Costumes-CrewEmily Knapp
HairJessica Phelan