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Our 2012-2013 Season: Mainstage

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Fuddy Meers

Written by David Lindsay Abaire

Claire wakes up every morning a blank slate. She has a rare form of amnesia and her husband must sketch in the details of their lives. On this day, things go sideways when Claire is abducted by a mysterious man claiming to be her brother, out to save her from her evil husband. They travel to the home of their mother, a recent stroke victim who can barely speak. Every twist and turn brings Claire closer to revealing her past life and everything she thought she'd forgotten. This poignant and brutal comedy traces one woman's attempt to regain her memory while surrounded by a curio-cabinet of alarmingly bizarre characters.

Opening Night: Friday, January 11, 2013 - Closing Night: Saturday, February 2, 2013


ClaireJill Bormann
HeidiCaroline Crafton
KennyAnthony Duke Claus
MilletJoe Guadara
GertieJean Habrukowich
RichardFred Halperin
Limping ManMichael Reddin

Production Staff

DirectorTodd Mills
ProducerJanet Lazar
Jon Weiss
Stage ManagerClaire McDonald
Set DesignTodd Mills
Set Construction-CrewJanet Lazar
Rich Maloy
Greg Marocco
Dave McDonald
Declan Mills
Leala Mills
Luna Mills
John Misiewicz
Tom Schopper
Jon Weiss
Micah Weiss
Stage CrewJanet Lazar
Dan Metz
Todd Mills
Jon Weiss
Painting CrewSean Byrne
Brian James Grace
Joe Guadara
Laura Kennedy
Janet Lazar
Lighting DesignTodd Mills
Lights / Sound OperationSean Byrne
Carol Offermann
Sound DesignTodd Mills
Sound CrewDan Metz
PropsDave McDonald
CostumesChristine Morgan
Costumes-CrewThomas Wertheimer
Sarah Wertheimer-Lopez
Make-Up / HairBrian James Grace
PhotographyJoe Gigli
Tom Schopper
Graphic DesignJohn Trumbull
Janine Wentz