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Our 2010-2011 Season: Mainstage

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Written by Neil Simon

When four affluent couples gather at a posh upper-class residence to celebrate their host's tenth wedding anniversary they discover the servants are gone, the hostess is missing, and the host, the Deputy Mayor of New York City, has shot himself in the head. Though only a flesh wound, things get frantically funny as the guests do all they can to prevent this black-tie affair from becoming a red-hot scandal! Mayhem and hilarity abound in this fast-paced farce from Neil Simon.

Rumors contains language and adult situations which may not be suitable for all audiences.

Opening Night: Friday, September 10, 2010 - Closing Night: Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lenny GanzVincent J. Balzano
Cassie CooperTara Bennekemper
Ernie CusackClinton L. Scott
Claire GanzLauren Mazzarese
Ken GormanJonathan Peck
Chris GormanRachel Persenaire
Glenn CooperWilliam Prochazka
Officer WelchSam Salter
Officer PudneyMichelle Stern
Cookie CusackAnnette Winter

Production Staff

DirectorTom Blewitt
ProducerCarol Offermann
Cheryl Wilbur
Stage ManagerAnthony Rubolotta
Assistant Stage ManagerNancy Zeidenberg
Set DesignCraig Zimmermann
Technical DirectorErin Gilgur
Set Construction-CrewTom Blewitt
Steve Gilgur
Joe Guadara
Fred Halperin
Kevin Haughwout
Howard Henn
Sarah Herr
Mike Kaplysz
Omar Kozarsky
Greg Marocco
Todd Mills
John Misiewicz
Rachel Persenaire
William Prochazka
Anthony Rubolotta
John Trumbull
Micah Weiss
Cheryl Wilbur
Stage CrewDesiree Caro
Nancy Zeidenberg
Set DecorEmily Golden
Craig Zimmermann
Set Decor-CrewAnthony Crecenzo
Alli Hartley-Kong
Laura Kennedy
Dallas Kennedy
Cheryl Marocco Bookstaver
Pam Misiewicz
Rachel Persenaire
Anthony Rubolotta
Cheryl Wilbur
Lighting DesignPaul Casey
Lights / Sound OperationMatthias Raabe
Ryan Stern
Sound DesignSteve Gilgur
PropsNoreen Anne Walsh
Props-CrewMaybelle Cowan-Lincoln
CostumesJessica Blewitt
Christine Morgan
Make-Up / HairJessica Phelan
PhotographyJoe Gigli
Tom Schopper
Graphic DesignAnthony Rubolotta