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Our 2009-2010 Season: Mainstage

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Written by Dale Wasserman, from the book by Ken Kesey

Rebellious Randle Patrick McMurphy fakes insanity to serve out his jail sentence in a psychiatric hospital. The ward is run by Nurse Ratched, the tyrannical authority who controls patients through methods both subtle and severe. When McMurphy challenges her power, the men on the ward experience an awakening that years of therapy never could achieve. Based on the 1962 best selling novel by Ken Kesey.

Opening Night: Friday, January 8, 2010 - Closing Night: Saturday, January 23, 2010


Randle P. McmurphyKeith Beechey
ScanlonMichael Burkett
Chief BromdenMichael Craig
Dr. SpiveyDavid Hoffman
Nurse RatchedLaura Kennedy
RuckleyBeau Kennedy
CheswickChris Mortenson
Aide WilliamsBrendan Naranjo
Nurse FlinnJessica Phelan
MartiniMichael Reddin
Billy BibbitChris Ricci
SandraJennifer Shue
Candy StarrSky Spiegel Monroe
Aide TurkleLes Stolarz
Aide WarrenJake Zillioux
HardingCraig Zimmermann

Production Staff

DirectorJay Mills
ProducerLillian Miller
Associate ProducerCheryl Wilbur
Stage ManagerLauren M. Grof-Tisza
Set DesignTodd Mills
Jay Mills
Set ConstructionTodd Mills
Set Construction-CrewJohn Bookstaver
Lauren M. Grof-Tisza
Howard Henn
Beau Kennedy
Dallas Kennedy
Greg Moran
Micah Weiss
Rich Witenberg
Craig Zimmermann
Stage CrewElisabeth Dello Buono
Painting CrewJohn Bookstaver
Lauren M. Grof-Tisza
Dallas Kennedy
Cheryl Marocco Bookstaver
Tom Schopper
Lighting DesignTodd Mills
Lighting Board OperationBarbara Castania
Sound DesignSteve Gilgur
Sound OperationTom Wright
Original MusicRegan Ryzuk
PropsRich Witenberg
Props-CrewLauren M. Grof-Tisza
CostumesJanet Lazar
Costumes-CrewLinda Weigl
Make-Up / HairElisabeth Dello Buono
Assistant to the DirectorErin Gilgur
PhotographyJoe Gigli
Tom Schopper
Graphic DesignAnthony Rubolotta