Our 2006-2007 Season: Theatre for Children

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Far Fetched Fables

Written by Anita Bath

A new children's show that fun for both kids and adults alike! Inspired by the classic "Factured Fairy Tales" segments from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. this fun filled shows pokes some good natured fun at today's world by modernizing a few classic bedtime stories. The stories of Cinderella, Rumpelstilken and the Little Tailor are all parodied , told with a contemporary twist by our friendly story teller, Uncle Howard. A great way to spend a day with the entire family!

December 9th 2006 12 pm and 3 pm
December 10th 2006 12 pm and 3 pm

All tickets only $5

Opening Night: Saturday, December 9, 2006 - Closing Night: Sunday, December 10, 2006


Henry the GiantTom Blewitt
PrincessAlyssa Freitas
Uncle HowardCy Friedman
CinderellaEmily Golden
PrinceDavid Halpern
EnsembleAlexandra Hartley
EnsembleAlli Hartley-Kong
StrangerBryan Kayne
EnsembleDallas Kennedy
GodmotherJanet Lazar
Larry the KingDan Metz
Prime MinisterClaudia Metz
EnsembleGrace Patke
EnsembleEric Sanchez
EnsembleDaniel Schopper
EnsembleBrian Schopper
EveSamantha Sheam
Burger KingNino Spallacci
James the TailorDavid Vinder

Production Staff

DirectorOmar Kozarsky
Assistant DirectorKeri Lesnik
ProducerErin Gilgur
Stage ManagerRicardo Pino
Set DesignErin Gilgur
George Walter
Set ConstructionGeorge Walter
Set Construction-CrewTom Blewitt
Elisabeth Dello Buono
Sherri Freitas
Alyssa Freitas
Erin Gilgur
Steve Gilgur
Emily Golden
David Halpern
Alli Hartley-Kong
Bryan Kayne
Dallas Kennedy
Jeff Knapp
Omar Kozarsky
Janet Lazar
Nicholas Marmo
Dan Metz
Tim Metz
Claudia Metz
Grace Patke
Ricardo Pino
Eric Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez
Daniel Schopper
Janice Schopper
Tom Schopper
Brian Schopper
Samantha Sheam
Nino Spallacci
Set DecorElisabeth Dello Buono
Erin Gilgur
Lighting DesignErin Gilgur
Larry Wilbur
Lighting Board OperationCarol Offermann
Sound DesignOmar Kozarsky
Larry Wilbur
Sound EngineerJeff Knapp
PropsErin Gilgur
Keri Lesnik
CostumesJanice Schopper
Make-Up / HairElisabeth Dello Buono
Music ConsultantRegan Ryzuk