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Our 2004-2005 Season: Mainstage

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Breaking Legs

Written by Tom Dulack

An eager playwright approaches a former student about becoming a financial backer for his new play, a murder mystery. While visiting the unmarried beauty and her family at the Italian restaurant she manages, life imitates art when he discovers the ³accidental death by train² of one of her fatherıs ³business colleagues.² Madcap comic mania, murder and mayhem ensue when the playwright identifies the real ³family business² and they make him an offer he canıt refuse. All served up with plenty of pasta and laughter. Fugettaboudit!

Opening Night: Friday, September 10, 2004 - Closing Night: Saturday, September 25, 2004


MikeJoe Berardi
Angie (9/23-9/25)D'Angelique Dopson
Angie (9/10-9/19)Paola Grande
Tino (9/19-9/25)Jeff Knapp
LouRichard Monaco
Tino (9/10-9/18)Ralph Mucci
TerrenceSteve Nitka
FrankieJerry Sapperstein

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Knapp
ProducerCandy Cobb
Brian Marshall
Stage ManagerBill Purdy
Set DesignJeff Knapp
Bill Purdy
Set ConstructionBill Purdy
Set Construction-CrewRoger Clark
Howard Henn
Jeff Knapp
Rich Maloy
Richard Monaco
Tom Morrissey
Ralph Mucci
Tom Schopper
Kathy Sommers
Pete Talarico, Sr.
George Walter
Larry Wilbur
Set DecorBill Purdy
Jonathan Wentz
Scenic ArtistJonathan Wentz
Painting CrewBobbie Besiack
Billy Brisley
Bridget Burke Weiss
Roger Clark
Erin Gilgur
Howard Henn
Jack Knapp
Mindy Knapp
Molly Knapp
Janet Lazar
Rich Maloy
Jay Mills
Carol Offermann
Mary Rode
Roseann Ruggiero
Tom Schopper
Brian Schopper
Micah Weiss
Janine Wentz
Larry Wilbur
Rich Witenberg
Lighting DesignLarry Wilbur
Lighting Board OperationErin Gilgur
Omar Kozarsky
Brian Marshall
Sound DesignJeff Knapp
PropsRich Witenberg
CostumesCandy Cobb
Lillian Miller
Make-Up / HairJoan Agosta
PhotographyJoe Gigli
Tom Schopper
Program CoverW Design, LLC
Program LayoutW Design, LLC
Program EditorD'Angelique Dopson
PublicityJanice Schopper