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Our 1974-1975 Season: Mainstage

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The Lark

Written by Jean Anouilh, Adapted by Lillian Hellman

Chapman, writing in the New York News called The Lark: "a beautiful, beautiful play…It is always the story of a simple girl who became an inspired warrior and then was tried by the church—but there have been several ways of telling it. Anouilh's way, and Miss Hellman's, is to try to tell the story from two viewpoints. One of them is how we look at the tale now as a piece of history, with our knowledge of how the girl's blundering captors unwittingly created a martyr who became forever a symbol of courage and faith. The other viewpoint has been to try to imagine what it must have been like to be Joan herself. Both approaches to this legend of the Martyr of Rouen have been splendidly realized by the technique of divorcing the drama from the confinements of time, sequence and space. Until the last moment—a thrilling and uplifting one of Joan's greatest earthly triumph, the coronation of the worthless Dauphin for whom she fought—there is no scenery in the usual sense, merely a few levels of steps and platforms, and lights. With this freedom, the story of Joan of Arc can move backward or forward without an interruption, without a jar. It begins with Joan's trial, and her tale of the voices which prompted her one day to set forth and save France from the English. And as she tells her listeners—the cold Inquisitor from Spain, the politically cynical Earl of Warwick, the deeply religious but ineffectual Cauchon and all the others—of what she heard and what she did, her story comes alive."

Opening Night: Friday, January 10, 1975 - Closing Night: Saturday, January 25, 1975


Charles the DauphinRobert Bristol
Archibishop of ReimsDick Connolly
The InquisitorBen Feuer
Monsieur de la TremouilleJack Fleming
WarwickBud Geisler
The Little QueenGrace Holley
SoldiersRick Holley
Captain La HireHoward Jacobs
Agnes SorelAnnette Koch
JoanAnne Lambertson
Court LadySara Logan
Court LadyCarol Mathews
ExecutionerMatt Mathews
Joan's FatherHal McCloud
Robert de BeaudricourtJay Mills
SoldierChris Morell
The PromoterSteve Orlousky
Joan's BrotherMark Phelan
Joan's MotherNancy Shull
CauchonBill Sommerfield
Queen YolandeSnooky Vassau
Brother LadvenuMark Vian

Production Staff

DirectorEileen L. Ulbreit
ProducerElisa Kennedy
Stage ManagerMatt Mathews
Set DesignNorbert Wood
Set ConstructionDavid Nordquist
Set Construction-CrewLawrence Chidester
Jim Gratkopf
Bob Kennedy
Phil Kolodziejski
Matt Mathews
Doris McCoy
Slim McCoy
Howard Myers
Joseph Nordquist
Steve Petruska
Mark Phelan
Scott Sommerfield
Set DecorNorbert Wood
Painting CrewRuth Myers
Lighting DesignBud Geisler
Scott Sommerfield
Lighting-CrewSara Eliot
Nikki Leary
Mark Vian
Sound DesignJane Bender
Sound CrewJess Hill
PropsMarge Gaffney
Props-CrewSue Ballard
Chris Hobmeier
Deborah McKnight
Steve Petruska
Peggy Snow
CostumesPhyllis Vail
Costumes-CrewSara Logan
Linda Middleton
Make-Up / HairCarol Mathews
Make-Up / Hair CrewSusan Dewey
Chris Hobmeier
Ellen Jacobs
Ann Schulz
Peggy Snow
Donna Willis
Program EditorFran Fleming