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Our 1974-1975 Season: Mainstage

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Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd

Book by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, Music by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

Resembling a music hall production more than a book musical, the allegorical plot examines the maintenance of the status quo between the upper and lower classes of British society in the 1960s.

The two main characters are Sir and Cocky. Since Sir forever is changing the rules of the game of life, downtrodden young Cocky always gets the short end of the stick. Assisting Sir is his eager disciple Kid, anxious to pick up bits of wisdom while helping keep Cocky in his place. Cocky tries to beat Sir at the game, first by getting a job, and then with love, but Sir bests him both times. Cocky is re-inspired when he sees a new character, the Negro, win the game behind his and Sir's backs. By ignoring the rules, Cocky manages to win, but neither he or Sir can function without the other.

The show ends with both of them frozen in a pose arguing which way to go next.

Opening Night: Friday, November 8, 1974 - Closing Night: Saturday, November 23, 1974


TromboneMargaret Applewhite
TrumpetSteve Calantropio
TrumpetDonald Dean
ChorusCarol Ewing
Flute & PiccoloMary Harlicek
ChorusKim Harrison
CockyDuane Harrison
SirPaul Haskin
BassGuy Hladky
ChorusDoug Ingrams
KiddKaren Lindsley
DrumsWalter Moore, Jr.
ChorusMark Phelan
ChorusCoreen Rouse
OrganRegan Ryzuk
ChorusGrayce Schulz
ChorusJean Scully
GirlSara Shull
ChorusScott Sommerfield
ChorusMike Stuono
ChorusJeff Sussman
ChorusBeth Thomson
BullyMark Vian
PianoLois Yanagi
NegroMarvin Young

Production Staff

DirectorSteve Petruska
Musical DirectorLois Yanagi
ProducerBarbara Krajkowski
ChoreographerSteve Petruska
Stage ManagerBarbara Krajkowski
Set DesignSteve Petruska
Set ConstructionMatt Mathews
Set Construction-CrewMarge Gaffney
Duane Harrison
Greg Ingram
Mark Phelan
Scott Sommerfield
Mike Stuono
Jeff Sussman
Set DecorDonna Ferlanti
Lighting DesignSara Eliot
Lighting-CrewNikki Leary
Bob Proskow
Cathy Santucci
PropsDiane Geisler
Props-CrewFrankye Patasnik
Ann Schulz
CostumesCris Moran
Costumes-CrewSara Logan
Jody Stammer
Make-UpCarol Mathews
Make-Up / Hair CrewAnn Schulz
Dance CaptainKim Harrison
Program CoverDonna Ferlanti
OrchestrationsLois Yanagi