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COVID-19 and Our 2022-2023 Season

To our Barn community-

As of May 1, The Barn will no longer be requiring presentation of vaccination status or proof of a negative test.

COVID-19 and The Barn, Q&A

Will all cast, crew, volunteers & staff be vaccinated?
Yes, The Barn Theatre is requiring that all cast, crew, volunteers & staff be vaccinated.
Will cast and crew be required to be masked while backstage? Will volunteers & staff members be required to wear masks?
Since all cast and staff will be vaccinated, masks will not be required. We still highly encourage cast, staff and volunteers to wear masks.
Will audience members need to be vaccinated to attend a show? Will audience members need to wear masks?
As of May 1st, The Barn Theatre will no longer be requiring audience members to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter the theatre.
Will audience members need to wear masks?
Masks are optional, but strongly encouraged for all patrons. While we have adjusted our policy to reflect the best practices observed by Broadway to not require masks, we are still strongly encourage our patrons to wear masks. Additionally, this is a fluid situation and if COVID-19 numbers rise in the area, we reserve the right to adjust the policy to keep everyone safe.
How many tickets will be sold?
We are currently operating at full capacity.
What are the lobby procedures?
Before and after the show we ask that you continue to practice generally accepted social distancing. We will be selling concessions this season. If you are meeting a friend to join you at the show or meeting a cast/crew member after, we ask that you wait outside either in the parking lot or by the Stage Door.
What is the seating arrangement?
We are operating at full capacity. Seats will remain assigned as in previous years. Subscribers will still be able to select their seats at time of purchasing a subscription. If you want to ensure you have the same seats as prior seasons, make sure you renew your membership before September 1.